The Project reached it's goal by Christmas 2007.
::: Frances Goren Library Project :::
This is a message from Rene Balcer:
I'd like to enlist your help with a charitable project. Please bear with me.
For a few years now, I've been supporting an organization called Room To Read ( The organization builds libraries, readings rooms and schools in developing countries in Asia and Africa. They give scholarships to young girls, and publish native-language books for kids. You can read all about them at
Long story short, since Frances Goren was a librarian, I thought it might be cool and useful for the LOCI community to raise funds to build a Room To Read library. Once built, Room To Read will put a dedication plaque on the library in honor of Frances Goren from fans of LOCI or from Bobby Goren. The wording would up to the fans. I will match dollar-for-dollar every contribution made to the fund for the library.
Donations can be in any amount, $5 and up. There are a number of ways to make a donation but the simplest is either by check or by credit card on-line. I've included the instructions below. The key thing is to clearly mark your donation as being in support of the "Frances Goren Library" project.
If you would like to get other LOCI fansites involved, feel free to copy this message and post it over there.
You've all been loyal fans of the show over the years, and I thought you might get a kick out of knowing that there's a library somewhere out there with Bobby and Frances Goren's names on it -- and that you had a hand in building it. Thanks to you, some kid will get the gift of reading. Thanks to you, some kid will get that great investigative tool -- a library card!
Like they say, give till it feels good.
Rene Balcer
Instructions for donating to the "Frances Goren Library" project:
Make checks payable to "Room To Read" and indicate clearly that it's for the "Frances Goren Library" project. Checks can be mailed to:
Room to Read
PO BOX 29127
San Francisco CA 94129
For DHL, FedEx and UPS, our physical address is:
Room to Read
87 Graham St., Suite 250
San Francisco, CA 94129
Credit Cards and Paypal:
Donations can be made online at
Again, indicate clearly that it's the "Frances Goren Library" project.