George Gerkie Cowboy Experience
October 27, 2009 | Joe's Pub, NYC
Vincent as George Gerkie
Vincent as host introducing Sam Bisbee
Renee Wright and Vincent
 Last song, "Kaleidoscope in My Pocket" ? Gerkie in action

Renee was the winner of our George Gerkie Ticket Giveaway. She traveled all the way from Portland, Maine to attend the show with her daughter.

Waiting in line for the show, I spotted Vincent D'Onofrio dressed in black about 100 feet away. I told my daughter discreetly, "There he is." If I were a teenager, I'd have run down to him screaming! Even my daughter's heart went pitter-patter. We wanted to be respectful and not bother him, so we admired him from a distance and waited patiently to get in. As we approached the door, we made small talk with the door-lady. When we told her we came down from Portland, Maine, she told us the manager, Rebecca, had also lived in Portland and to make sure we told her. I believe that since we did tell her, she put us in better seats to see the show. It was fate. We had some of the best seats in the house.

The show was incredible! Music and comedy go well together. The show was presented so well I was amazed and impressed. Sam Bisbee's song "5 More Minutes" should be a national hit. Bisbee and Laura Cantrell were spectacluar, and I so too enjoyed the string quartet, but George Geronimo Gerkie  (Vincent) was by far my favorite entertainer of the evening. His powerful voice belted out "It's Raining Men" and many other  great songs that I do not know the names of. The last song "Kaliedoscope in My Pocket" was over the edge fantastic. I really dug the music and had a permanent smile throughout Gerkie's performance. I laughed out loud at his jokes, tapped my feet and swayed to the music. I've decided that if he decides to do a tour of the states, I'm going to become a groupie!

I was so shy, but my daughter went up to Vincent and said, "Can you do me a huge favor?"I was shocked really that he didn't even bat an eye and replied, "Sure. What?" "Can you take a picture with my mom?" He stopped what he was doing, walked over to me and said hi. I told him I was very nervous, and he told me not to worry about it. He graciously thanked me for coming to the show and asked me how I liked it. Telling him I loved it didn't do justice to how great I thought it was. Then, my all-time favorite movie star apologized to me for sweating on me. In my glory I wanted to say, "That's been my fantasy for  years," (lol) but all that came out was, "That's o.k."

Winning the tickets was a dream come true.

Thanks again,


They really jammed!
Vincent as Geronimo George with Laura Cantrell were "pearl" together.
Sorry so blurry. Katherine Erbe was there to support her friend Vincent and loved the show. She was so kind after the show. She talked to me and asked me my name. When I told her how much we loved her, she was gracious and seemed to truly appreciate how much her fans care about her and will miss her.