Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Remembrances of Kubrick

......another interesting tidbit....."Remembrances of Kubrick" excerpted from
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LEE ERMEY (Vietnam Marine Corps veteran; technical adviser, script consultant, actor on "Full Metal Jacket"): Stanley told me he didn't understand actors. He had no actor friends -- they were basically working associates, and he thought they were a little bit strange, totally spoiled and in most cases had to be begged to give him a decent performance. Half the time the actor would argue with him. Vince D'Onofrio didn't like Stanley's "craziness look." He wanted to try it some other way. The problem with Vince was this was his first film, and he's telling Stanley Kubrick how he thinks this look should be. They stand there arguing. Stanley finally said, "Look, do it my way and we'll load back up and we'll shoot it your way." Well, when they shot it Vince's way they didn't have any film in the camera.

LOUIS BLAU: Stanley told Vincent D'Onofrio the night before a scene, "I want you to be big -- Lon Chaney big." They shot the scene in three takes and as they sat playing back the tape, Vincent and Stanley were seated next to each other. And after the third take was seen, Stanley took his fist and gently rubbed it against Vincent D'Onofrio. Vincent has never forgotten that -- it was the approval from Kubrick.


Saturday, June 19, 2004

2001 Newsgroup Post

....interesting tidbit....posted by prolific L&O writer and CI showrunner Rene Balcer to a newsgroup in 2001

From: Rcbalcer (email deleted)
Subject: Re: Criminal Intent
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Date: 2001-05-15 09:58:58 PST

Re: criminal intent

The show begins from the point of view of one of the major participants in the crime -- either the criminal, the victim, a major witness -- culminating on some weeks with the commission of the crime, or stopping just short of it or ending with the discovery of the body. Depending on the week, and the story, the audience will have most of the facts or only tantalizing tidbits.

Once the crime has been committed, we bring in our investigators Det. Goren (Vincent D'Onofiro) and Det. Eames (Kathryn Erbe), both of the Major Case Squad of the NYPD, led by Capt. Deakins (Jamie Sheridan). The Major Case Squad is an actual elite group of investigators known in the NYPD as "The Chief of Detectives' Detectives". In other words, they're the cream of the crop, standing head and shoulders above ALL other homicide detectives. Most of the crimes they investigate are high-profile murders, kidnappings, etc. They have jurisdiction in all five boroughs of NYC and can take over any case from ANYbody (yes, even from Briscoe & Green). They are the top dogs in the NYPD.

As Goren and Eames conduct their investigation, we'll be cutting back occasionally to the criminal(s) as they try to stay one step ahead of the law, outwit the cops, keep themselves from being betrayed by their accomplices, huddle with their lawyers, etc.

For those of you who might've felt short-changed by the cop part of L & O in the past year will enjoy Criminal Intent's full-out investigation. Goren and Eames' specialty are cases that cannot be broken by conventional police procedure, cases that require a specialized knowledge of the criminal mind. Some cases are resolved through tour-de-force interrogations, others through psychological manipulation, others through deceit.

At some point, a judicial element is introduced through the character of ADA Carver (Courtney Vance). Very occasionally, we might go to court for a scene or two, but the courtroom isn't where the game will be played for the most part.

As for the story-lines, well, sorry but you''l have to wait Thirteen are in the can. Personally, I've very excited by this series I co-created with Dick Wolf. The stories are spell-binding -- in turn tragic, exciting, funny and all of them compelling -- those of you who love the crime genre, the film noir, the thriller, should find this series very satisfying (as you can tell, I'm not being terribly modest here, but I really think this show is going to work like gang-busters, but of course you, the fans, are the ultimate judges). The cast is superb, and I think many of you will find the character played by Vincent D'Onofrio memorable, a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, surprising, engaging, perceptive, sexy, electric, passionate.

It's on Sunday at 9 pm on NBC starting in the fall. Though it's in the L & O family, it's still quite different from either of its siblings. I hope we're giving you a show you'll enjoy and grow to love as much as you do L & O. So far, we've enjoyed making it, which is a good sign. In any event, I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Stay tuned.



Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Thumbsucker Soundtrack

According to NME Polyphonic Spree, Tim DeLaughter has completed the score for upcoming Mike Mills film "Thumbsucker", and may release the soundtrack on his own Good Records imprint.

"It's a great opportunity," Polyphonic Spree frontman DeLaughter said. "Hopefully, it will be the first of many, because I love cinematic music and the idea of creating music to fit a particular series of imagery is really appealing."

...The movie release date in Europe for this movie has been reported to be September 2004.



Some of you may have already seen this article/site, but I just found it. I found it interesting and thought I'd share it with you.

Friday 5th December 2003: Thumbsucker Update:
Anon has sent in the following report on being an extra for Thumbsucker "They called a select group of actor/extras which were to be on the "PAID" list and a general cattle call of volunteer extras which ended up being somewhere between 250-300 kids and parents for a two part race scene. Part I was Keanu running a race against Vincent Donofrio, the scene was no big deal really...We were at the finish line to be involved in about 20 different re-takes of the finish where in the final stretch Vincent stops, looks like a fool and looks up at his wife in shame... and Keanu leads through the finish. Whoa!

The site obviously has more information, but I thought this was interesting. I can't wait to see it!