Wednesday, November 24, 2004

D'Onofrio returns to 'Law & Order'


Posted: Wed., Nov. 24, 2004, 1:49pm PT

HOLLYWOOD -- "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," which was shut down for six shooting days due to Vincent D'Onofrio's hospitalization for exhaustion, was back onstage Tuesday with D'Onofrio (Detective Robert Goren) on hand.
I spoke to him in his dressing room via phone. He sounded fine and assured me that he was indeed OK. He insisted the cause of his absence was strictly "exhaustion."

"I guess I'm a perfectionist," he noted. "And the only thing that would stop me (from working) was falling down -- and that's what happened."

I asked if his doctors had recommended any changes. "We went over my lifestyle," he admitted, "and we all decided -- I shouldn't smoke. My daughter Leila is most influential in trying to get me to stop smoking."

He added, "I have to get more rest. I have been working on a short movie, 'Five Minutes, Mr. Welles,' a fictitious event that happened during the filming of 'The Third Man.' I got interested in it when I was playing (Welles) in 'Ed Wood.' "

D'Onofrio hopes to take the film to Cannes. He wrote it with Will Conroy, with whom he's also writing a Western, "Mac Dog Williams." "Thumbsucker," in which he stars, is also headed to Cannes, he says.

I asked if he had any plans to depart the series after the fifth season. "I'm here as long as Dick (Wolf) thinks I should be. But I can't get myself that exhausted again. I can't let that happen again."

He's in 30-35 scenes of every show and, despite the long hours, he allowed, "It's not digging ditches."


Friday, November 19, 2004

Vincent out of hospital :o)

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio out of hospital
11/19/2004, 7:43 p.m. ET
The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" star Vincent D'Onofrio was released from a New York hospital Friday after a diagnosis of exhaustion, a spokeswoman said.

D'Onofrio was resting at home in New York and was expected to return to work next week, series spokeswoman Pam Ruben Golum said.

The actor fainted Nov. 10 and was hospitalized after rehearsing a strenuous scene that included climbing for the New York-based NBC drama. He was discharged after two days but fainted again at home Monday.

He returned to the unidentified hospital for further observation and testing, which did not reveal any health problems beyond exhaustion, Golum said.

The 45-year-old actor stars in the NBC drama as police Detective Robert Goren.


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More articles

Posted: Tue., Nov. 16, 2004, 8:48pm PT

'L&O' on hold as star faints again
D'Onofrio re-admitted for further testing


Production has been halted again on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" after star Vincent D'Onofrio fainted during production Monday in New York.
D'Onofrio, who was released from the hospital on Friday after two days of observation, was re-admitted for further testing. He had returned to work on Monday after several fainting incidents early last week that halted production for one day (Daily Variety, Nov. 16).

"It's day to day," said "L&O" exec producer Dick Wolf. "His health is of primary consideration."

Producers said D'Onofrio was in good spirits.

New York Daily News
November 17, 2004

Is weirdly quirky television actor Vincent D'Onofrio doing okay?
Late Monday night, the "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" star - who spent three days in the hospital last week after suffering multiple fainting spells during filming in New York - fainted again, this time off the set.

The 45-year-old D'Onofrio had to be rushed to a nearby hospital, where he is undergoing observation and tests.

Lowdown hears that the actor - who plays homicide Detective Robert Goren on the hit TV series, which is in its second season - has undergone a battery of tests, including an MRI, but has not been diagnosed with any illness or condition.

According to a show insider, "The problem is that they haven't figured out what's wrong with Vincent yet - whether it's a serious health problem or something psychosomatic or what. We won't be back at work until Monday at the earliest, and we could possibly shut down for a few weeks."

Stopping production for that long could spell trouble for NBC's prime-time Sunday lineup, given that "Criminal Intent," the newest installment in the 13-year-old "Law & Order" franchise, has shot just eight out of this season's 22 episodes.

"Law & Order" creator Dick Wolf was unavailable for comment yesterday, but Lowdown hears that after this Sunday's original episode, the show was already scheduled to go into reruns through December - and there's enough in the can to last through January.

D'Onofrio doesn't have a personal publicist, and yesterday a rep for the show E-mailed Lowdown:

"He suffered another fainting incident late yesterday, and has returned to the hospital for further observation and testing. He's in good spirits, and producers are optimistic he'll be released soon."


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Back in the hospital today

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio back in hospital

Associated Press
Posted on Tue, Nov. 16, 2004

LOS ANGELES - Vincent D'Onofrio, star of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," was back in the hospital Tuesday after a recurrent fainting spell.

D'Onofrio, who had been hospitalized for two days last week when he fainted after a rehearsal for the New York-based NBC drama, was expected to return to work Tuesday.

But he suffered another fainting incident late Monday at his New York home and returned to the unidentified hospital for further observation and testing, series spokeswoman Pam Ruben Golum said.

Initial tests didn't reveal any health problems, she said.

"He's in good spirits and producers are optimistic he'll be released soon," Golum said Tuesday.

D'Onofrio, who plays New York police Detective Robert Goren, had first fainted after rehearsing a strenuous scene that included climbing. He was not in ill health before the incident, according to series producer NBC Universal Television Studio.

Series production is not expected to be affected by D'Onofrio's hospitalization, Golum said.


Back to work
November 15, 2004

'Order' back in order

GOOD MORNING: And it's hopefully a good morning for Vincent D'Onofrio, star of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." Producer Dick Wolf said the actor has a 7 am call today on the set at Chelsea Piers, having been released from the hospital over the weekend. Wolf, who spoke to D'Onofrio in the hospital, says an MRI report returned Monday was "clear." The company had shuttered for one day when the series' lead thesp was hospitalized following a series (four) of faintings. Wolf said he was suffering from "exhaustion" and characterized the lead role in this drama series as "the worst job in show business -- a 14-hour work day for nine months." Of all three Wolf series, he said, "no one has a tougher schedule than Vincent." He called reports of fights on the set as "ludicrous".


Friday, November 12, 2004

Still In the hospital ~ for tests

ASSOCIATED PRESS - Thursday, November 11, 2004

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio is recovering after fainting on the set of the hit TV show "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."
The star reportedly collapsed Wednesday during a rehearsal for the program, and was taken to a nearby hospital for tests.

The 45-year-old is still in the hospital but he's expected to return to the set for shooting next week.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

New York Post - Page Six

This was in today's New York Post - Page Six. It's not the most flattering description, but since we vowed to bring news we are providing the link for you.

I would remind everyone that Page Six of the New York Post is a gossip column. And they call it gossip for a reason. My personal philosophy when reading these columns is to swallow a ton of salt first and then not to believe anything the way it's written.

With that in mind, here's the link to



Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Vincent faints while rehearsing

Nov 10, 2004
Vincent D'Onofrio faints after rehearsal in New York
Associated Press -

Vincent D'Onofrio was taken to a hospital Wednesday after fainting in New York following a rehearsal of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."D'Onofrio had been rehearsing a strenuous scene including climbing before he fainted on location in Brooklyn, according to NBC Universal Television Studio, which produces the crime drama.D'Onofrio, who stars in the show as police Detective Robert Goren, was not in ill health before the incident.He was resting comfortably and was expected to be released quickly, the studio said.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rene Balcer Interview

NBC has an exclusive interview with Rene Balcer talking about Great Barrier. To read a transcript of the interview, click here .