Saturday, June 25, 2005

Aussie series?

~ From TV Week
"Dramatic Intentions"
There could be an Aussie series in the pipeline for Vincent D'Onofrio.

~ From the Sunday Herald Sun , June 19, 2005

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Entertainment Weekly blurb...

In Entertainment Weekly 6/24/2005
Lou Taylor Pucci: NO KIDDING

"[Thumbsucker dad] Vincent D'Onofrio is the most amazing actor I have ever met in my life. Vincent just freaks the crap out of you. He can manipulate you to do whatever he wants."


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Purchase Photographs

:: Photographer Daniel Patmore has taken note of the request for photos and has offered to make a limited number of his photographs of Vincent available for purchase.     :o)

~ A4 size prints (8x10) US$25 + postage.
~ 4x6 for US$10 + postage.

~ Prints will be high resolution from the original RAW files.
They will be without copyright watermark, and will be borderless on Kodak Gloss Photo Paper.

He accepts Paypal or Western Union payment.

To order, contact Dan.


Friday, June 17, 2005

More Photos from Australia

Photograph copyrighted by Daniel Patmore 2005.

:: more great photos taken by Daniel Patmore on May 30, 2005 in Sydney Australia.


Friday, June 10, 2005


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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

London Sunday Times June 5, 2005

:: an excerpt from an interview with Greta Scacchi in the London Sunday Times
June 5, 2005
By: Leslie White

"But there are compensations in taking a gentler route through a career that she felt until recently she could take or leave: time to enjoy her daughter Leila's blossoming theatrical talent, for example. Always dismissive of her mother's career, Leila recently became the drama scholar at her school.

On her 13th birthday, she played Nancy in the school's Oliver!, while her mother and father (who had flown in as a surprise) sat hand in hand, tears in their eyes. Scacchi suddenly bursts into a traffic stopping rendition of It's a Fine Life, as belted out by Leila, eyes shining with pride.

"There are things that happen to your children," she says contentedly, "that make you a hundred times happier than if they actually happen to you."

:: thank you to Judy Pilgrim for this submission :o)


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nova 100.3 Interview

:: Thank you to JennCho for sending them in!

Part 1

Part 2


Boy Intent on Question

From the
Herald Sun


BIGTIME US actors have a habit of leaving fans swooning.

But Criminal Intent know-it-all Vincent D'Onofrio, who was in Melbourne this week, had women and young boys alike speechless.
We hear the star of the Law and Order series had more than his fair share of female attention during his stay here.

Triple M Shebang host Fifi Box flew down from Sydney especially to do an interview face to face and even admitted being lost for words for once in her life.

But the prize for most eager fan goes to a young boy who saw D'Onofio dining in a Chapel St restaurant on Tuesday night.

Digital camera in hand, the boy nervously asked if he could do an interview for a school project.

D'Onofrio, who obviously went to the Matt Damon school of celebrity charm, obliged.

But the boy was apparently so jittery with butterflies, he asked D'Onofrio the same silly question three times ("So, do you like being on the show?") with his voice breaking repeatedly.

Poor kid. Hope he's not considering a career as a TV journo.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Video removed

Update June 2, 2005

From Rove Live Attorney........

Dear Trish
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, we cannot grant you permission to post the interview or any links to the interview on your site. We note that we are in the process of pursuing all infringements.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Lisa Fitzgerald


Good Morning Ladies,

Overnight, we were contacted by Lisa Fitzgerald, Legal counsel for Token Artists Pty Ltd/Roving Enterprises Pty Ltd and informed that we must remove the video of Rove Live from our site. We are prohibited from even posting the communication we received from them which ordered us to remove it.

However, we have made a written request for permission to post the video back up.

Sorry. :o(


Shebang Radio Interview

Triple M has posted their interview with Vincent on their site in 3 parts:

Thanks to Julie for the information.

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