Friday, December 30, 2005

That's funny!

Photo by Holland Oates

A big bunch of photos were sent to us by a visitor who found them as she put it, "floating in chaos" on the web. Many of them are already on this site, some are personal family photos which we don't have permission to post, some have been around a long time, and there's a few we haven't seen before so here they are......enjoy!!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

MSNBC's "10 Best Movie Scenes of 2005"

This year men got emotional.

By Erik Lundegaard
MSNBC contributor
Dec. 27, 2005

6. Father and son
Vincent D’Onofrio reminds us to embrace the everyday in “Thumbsucker.”
Three of the most-overlooked movies of the year (“Jarhead,” “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and “Thumbsucker”) work within well-established formulas (war, noir, coming-of-age), but go in unexpected directions. Here, high schooler Justin Cobb isn’t concentrating in class. Ritalin is suggested and you think the boy will balk. No. He wants to take it; he wants to be someone other than he is. Who doesn’t? Adventures and misadventures follow. He’s estranged from his dad in an ordinary way. Mike Cobb (Vincent D’Onofrio) probably sees in his thumbsucking son someone he didn’t expect or want, while Justin (Lou Taylor Pucci) probably sees in his father — a grocery store manager** — someone he doesn’t want to be. But near the end of the film, in the father’s office, as the boy is getting ready for college, they connect a little. The connection is mostly in looks and pauses and things unsaid. Then the father says, “I was just getting used to you.” It’s a beautiful, bittersweet line that goes beyond fathers and sons. It encourages us to embrace the everyday because the everyday always goes.

** this is incorrect- Cobb manages a sporting goods store.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Photos from September 05

:: September 9, 2005 - Venice Film Festival.Venice, Italy

Photos © Nicolas Guerin


Michael York Guest Stars on LOCI

Photograph by Lawrence Schwartzwald

New York City, December 9th, 2005 filming a scene from upcoming episode "Slither".

Michael York guest stars in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" filming inside and outside the Hogan shoe store on Spring and Wooster sts. in Soho, New York.

York, explaining the character he plays, said: "If there was a school of murder, he'd be a headmaster!"


Sunday, December 18, 2005

This time, Wolf breaks the ‘Law’ Television

Prolific producer to unveil ‘Conviction’
By Frazier Moore, Associated Press
December 18, 2005

NEW YORK – It goes without saying that TV mogul Dick Wolf is big.
The “Law & Order” empire he built (including “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” which airs Sundays; “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Tuesdays; and their progenitor, in its 16th season, on Wednesdays) is also big. Just ask NBC, which reportedly logs as much as $1 billion in annual ad sales from “Law & Order” programming, and counts “Special Victims Unit” its highest-rated show. Full article.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Goren's interview skills an example

December 12, 2005

'Research and retain' works
by Mary Autenrieth

.....2. Be the best interviewer you can be. Vince D'Onofrio of the TV series "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" entices people to open up and share their deepest, darkest fears and secrets. A good job interviewer gets candidates to share their emotions and eccentricities right along with their job experiences and expectations. This level of interviewer-interviewee sharing can go a long way toward predicting future behavior and performance......full article.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tilda Swinton at the BIFA Awards

Photo: Thank you to Christa in the UK :o)

:: My Brit buddy, Debra, met Tilda Swinton on November 30, 2005
at the 8th Annual British Independent Film Awards, Hammersmith Palais, Hammersmith, London. Her report.....

"Met Tilda Swinton the other night and even though she was
really rushed she stopped to sign my Thumbsucker pic, I told her
how much I loved the film and asked what Vincent was like to work with.

"Lovely, just lovely- a pleasure, he's such a kind man." was her reply. So that's James D'arcy, Tilda, Dan Ireland, Renee and Vince Vaughn who love him...and they are just the ones I've asked."

:: Tilda Swinton received "The Richard Harris Award"** at the BIFA Awards.

** In recognition of Richard's life work and his legacy, the Richard Harris Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Actor has been formed by the British Independent Film Awards and with the blessing of the Harris family.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Site Transfer

The site has been successfully transferred to a new webhost - finally!

The process of uploading the large number of files that comprise the reel is a long, laborious process. In addition, a majority of the video clips were previously housed on another site so they have to be added to the site. They are extremely large files which take alot of time to upload but everything will be added soon.

:: Thank you to Karen VanDonsel for allowing the clips to reside on her site for an extended period of time until they could be moved over.

For your webhosting needs, please visit Karen at her website,

:: Thank you to all of the ladies who offered up their time to help transfer the site.