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Casting Breakdown - Season 7, Episode 1




[SIMON MOTT] Mid-30s. Physically imposing, eccentric,
adventurous, finance guy in a suit. When he hires a company to
seek buried treasure from various centuries-old shipwrecks, the
divers dig up more than he ever expected. A wealthy and
respected man with his first son on the way, he is focused on
ensuring a secure future for his family. (GUEST LEAD)

[GREG STIPE] 30s. Makes a mint, but blue collar at heart.
Former expert diver who can no longer dive due to a medical
condition. Runs a marine recovery company in Brooklyn – clients
hire him to send out divers to recover treasure from shipwrecks.
Still in love with his ex-wife Dara, who is an expert diver herself.
Questioned by GOREN and EAMES about how far he would go to
protect her if he thought she were in danger. (GUEST LEAD)

[DARA STIPE] Late 20s. Sexy, adventurous diver. A modern day
pirate. Ex-wife of Greg Stipe. When one of her fellow treasure-
seeking divers meets an untimely end, she suspects her diving
partner "Chilly" may be involved. GOREN and EAMES suspect
that Dara knows more than she is letting on. (GUEST LEAD)

[TOM "CHILLY" CHILTON] 30s. Formerly fit, beach bum type now
out of his prime. Like a young Nick Nolte. Adventure-seeking and
treasure-seeking expert diver. A former employee of Greg Stipe,
he now works independently with Stipe’s ex-wife Dara with
whom he has a more than professional relationship. When one of
their fellow divers meets an untimely end, Dara and Chilly begin
to suspect each other’s greed as a possible motive.

[CHRISTIAN LINDSAY] 30s. British. Rugged liaison from Scotland
Yard. Assists GOREN and EAMES in piecing together the history
and international travels of an apparent murder victim. Must be British with American citizenship or green card or have
FLAWLESS British accent. POSSIBLE RECURRING. (1 scene)

[AGENT CORBET] Mid 30s – Early 40s. FBI agent. Tall with a
subdued swagger in a Brooks Brothers suit and tie. Fills in
GOREN and EAMES on the background of a recent murder victim
and asserts his theories about possible motives. POSSIBLE
RECURRING (2 scenes)

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Blogger Diane said...

Sadly, the only thing I have going for me against this 'wish list' is I'm British, but sadlythe wrong gender, age etc.etc.
Does anyone know for sure if they've started filming yet?? Was wondering, since they've put the USA launch date back to October, if they maybe moved the shooting date back too?

2:04 PM  
Blogger DonnaJo said...

Sounds like a unique plot, something CI has never done before.

What's with these possibly recurring roles? And what happened to filming the French CI premier episode in NYC with Goren & Eames?

5:43 PM  
Blogger Regina Caschetto said...

Sounds like a good plot-the recurring roles are fine with me-this is what I thought Dick Wolf should have done rather than make split teams-he should have developed a good supporting cast for Goren and Eames in a very similar situation like SVU-

7:04 PM  
Blogger val said...

Mmm - a couple of big guys to be cast. Wonder how they'll measure up to OUR big guy?

12:38 PM  
Blogger Alexandra Goren said...

They've started filming on their stage and on location, etc. SVU filmed earlier in the month, then wrapped, and CI began. Since they're only starting a week later than everyone else, they probably only started filming a week later, too.

2:54 PM  

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