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Casting Breakdown for episode "Amends"


Episode Title: AMENDS. EXEC PROD, Dick Wolf, Warren Leight, Norberto Barba, Peter Jankowski; DIR, Jesus Trevino; WRTR, Warren Leight, Siobhan Byrne O’Connor.
Shoot Dates: August 20-29, 2007 (in New York).

DET. PETE COPA: Late 30s-Early 40s. NYPD detective based in Queens. When he is on an undercover stakeout, unexpected violence erupts. Although Copa is a good cop and is loyal to his partner, Goren comes to doubt his version of events of that tragic night.
DR. MANNY BELTRAN: (Guest Lead) Mid 20s. Puerto Rican man. After a childhood surrounded by violence and crime, Manny turned his life around and worked his way through college and medical school in order to be able to help people and save lives. When Goren & Eames question him about his connection to a shooting, his past threatens to catch up with him.
FRANK DELGADO: (Guest Lead)18, Puerto Rican. Son of imprisoned gang member Raymond Delgado and grandson of proud Korean War vet Rudolfo Delgado. Recently enlisted in the Marines at the urging of his grandfather. Believes strongly in his father’s innocence, and has been focused on freeing him since he was a child. Questioned by Goren & Eames about Raymond’s possible connection to a recent shooting. Proficiency with skateboard and/or ripstick encouraged.
THERESA MULLEN: Guest lead. Late 30s-Early 40s. NYPD Detective Edward Mullen’s wife. An old friend of Eames’, she reconnects with her when Goren & Eames come to talk to her about a shooting that targeted her husband.
RUDOLFO DELGADO: Guest Lead 60s-Early 70s. Puerto Rican man. Father of imprisoned gang member Raymond Delgado and grandfather of Frank Delgado. A Korean war vet, he is proud of his grandson’s decision to join the Marines and ashamed of his son’s criminal behavior. Questioned by Goren & Eames about Raymond’s possible connection to a recent shooting;
RAYMOND DELGADO: Mid 30s. Puerto Rican man. Violent gang member who has been doing hard time for the past decade. Insists that he is not guilty of the crime he is in prison for. Questioned by Goren & Eames about his possible connection to a recent shooting;
DET. NICK MATIATOS: 30s. NYPD Gang Unit Detective. Briefs Goren, Eames & Ross on various gang members who might be involved in a recent shooting;
CORINNE WILLIAMS: 20s. African-American young woman. Tough - a survivor. She is a key witness in an upcoming trial. When a shooting in the neighborhood hits close to home, she reconsiders her decision to testify;
OFFICER NOBLE: 50s. Pot-bellied cop who works the Evidence Warehouse in Queens. Initially reluctant to go the extra mile to help Goren & Eames, he eventually retrieves the evidence they have requested;
TORHAN: 30s, Caucasian. Tough. Hardened from years of drug dealing and then years in prison. Recently paroled. Questioned by Goren & Eames about his connection to a violent crime that occurred before he went to prison;
YOLANDO: 50s, Puerto Rican. Mother of career junkie and dealer Albert Minaya. When a violent crime affects her family, she is questioned by Goren & Eames about her son’s connection to a 10 years old crime;
SAMANTHA: Late 20s-Early 30s, Puerto Rican. Sister of career junkie and dealer Albert Minaya. When a violent crime affects her family, she is questioned by Goren & Eames about her brother’s connection to a 10 years old crime;
TOMMY: 9. Son of Theresa and Det. Edward Mullen. Has a conversation with Goren after tragedy strikes his family. Proficiency with skateboard and/or Ripstick encouraged;
DET. EDWARD MULLEN: Late 30s-Early 40s. NYPD detective based in Queens. While on an undercover stakeout, he encounters an unexpected figure from his past;
SANG: Mid 20s. Korean-American man. A ruthless leader of a violent gang, he is gentle with and devoted to his girlfriend and young son;
DET. LARRY HESS: 40s. Handsome. NYPD detective. Old friend of Eames’ who runs into her at a police function;
CHIEF OF D'S KENNY MORAN: 50s. While playing a regular poker game with other high-ranking NYPD officials, he receives news that cuts the poker night short. Later speaks to Ross, Goren & Eames about the high stakes of their investigation and warns them that they’d better get it right. Possible Recurring; ADA PAUL HEINZ: 40s. Successful Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. While playing a regular poker game with some of the top police brass, he receives news that cuts the poker night short;
DEPUTY POLICE COMMISSIONER FREEHILL: 50s, any ethnicity. While playing a regular poker game with other high-ranking NYPD officials and an ADA, he receives news that cuts the poker night short;
SANDERS: 30s-40s, Male or female, any ethnicity. Defense attorney for gang leader Sang. Defends his client when his is picked out of a line up;
ESU TEAM LEADER McCORMICK: Late 30s-Early 40s, any ethnicity. Leads an ESU team to burst in on a known gang member’s home;
ALBERT MINAYA: Early 30s, Puerto Rican man. Career junkie. Is dealing in his usual location in a Bronx park when an unexpected figure from his past pays a visit;
SANG'S GIRLFRIEND: Mid 20s, Korean-American. Girlfriend of gang leader Sang and mother of his 7 years old son;
SON: 7, Korean-American boy. Son of gang leader Sang - has a normal childhood and is oblivious to his fathers criminal activity.



Blogger DonnaJo said...

Sounds fantastic! Finally a Goren/Eames episode involving the seedier side of NYC. Some great scenes mentioned - bursting into a drug den with guns drawn, Goren talks with a 9 year old boy, Eames reconnects with some old friends.

Can't wait. This one sounds better than the premier.

9:00 AM  
Blogger swimfish1 said...

Holy Cow! I am super thrilled. I think this year's CSI will rock...especially the Goren/Eames eppy.

Thanks for the info.

10:29 AM  
Blogger DonnaJo said...


swimfish, shame on you. Now you must wash your keyboard out with soap & water.

LOL Just kidding...We know you mean CI.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Regina Caschetto said...

Sounds great-love when Goren talks to kids-but an old fried of Eames-are they going to give her a love interest-

12:52 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

54 days and counting.......

2:26 PM  
Blogger swimfish1 said...

Here is my formal apology!

ITS CI NOT sorry! I love LOCI so much!


3:14 PM  
Blogger Marge said...

I am very excited about the new season, but I'm not very thrilled about it switching to cable. I am however glad that the reruns will hit NBC so people who don't have cable can still watch. I have to say VDO looks pretty good with some facial har, although I don't know about a full blown beard. I personally would love to see Eames go out on a date, have we ever seen her a boyfriend or anything of the sort? There was that time in s6 when she met the deaf translator and fellow detective...what was his name? They really seemed to like each other. This sounds like a rollercoaster season, with lots of emotion. s6 was very rough but I think s7 is going to take it to a whole new level,emotionally. I just hope that some dark secret doesn't tear Eames and Goren apart, that would be terrible. Can't wait! Oh, BTW, I've been wondering...are we going to see Nicole again? It seems it's been a while since she last terrorized our favorite detective...and man.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I'm one of those "non-cable" people (and no dish either), so I hope NBC doesn't wait too long for the re-runs.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Animaltalker said...

Have you seen the one at USA where you can see his hair? It's cut shorter and it looks sort of sandy, looks yummy to me. Alos maybe it's the beard but I think he's dropped some weight.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Alexandra Goren said...

I'm 99.9% sure Nicole's not coming back. Nobody wants her back, and her story's completely tired out. I am not sure that I want Eames to have a love interest... at least not something that might take her away from Bobby, to be more precise. I hope that this past bit doesn't bring them apart... because that would be terrible. Couldn't handle it. Maybe I should rephrase- I don't mind Eames having a boyfriend as long as it doesn't interfere with investigations and her friendship with Bobby.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Marge said...

well alexandra goren maybe you're right. no, i'm talking about her getting a boyfreind we see everytime we turn around i just mean like maybe one date that doesnt go anywhere. the show, dont get me wrong i love it, focuses alot on bobby and his life, no one cares about captain ross and what hes doing but id like to see a little more of eames when she puts her badge and gun away. i wonder if shes still the same sarcastic ballsy woman we love or does she have a sofer side somewhere??
to beth- yes i am in your same situation, i hope its like the following week or something. it would suck if we had to wait till the end of the season when reruns normally play.
animaltalker- i personally like the shorter hair, the longer hair weve seen..i just dont like it that much, i agree there seems to be some color to it...shame i liked the gray. i imagine with how many times hes had to gain and lose weight in his film careers it is getting harder for him to keep a steady weight.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Alexandra Goren said...

Marge, I totally agree that we need more Eames. I love Erbe to death and want to see her more. I think I could handle a boyfriend here and there, but I feel like that would be a little OOC for CI... especially since last year was chock full of angst. I just want everyone to be happy! *sobs*

1:21 PM  
Blogger Marge said...

yeah i would love to see more of eames. i mean i dont want it to get out of control like l&o:svu. dont get me wrong its a good show but its almost like a primetime soap now, its gone too personal following elliot thru his divorce was okay but theres so much intimate drama between elliot and olivia and even between elliot and danny beck i still like the show but sometimes its to soapy to watch. what do you gals think? it may just be me.

9:44 PM  
Blogger The Expert said...

I like that little part about the "handsome" NYPD detective that Eames encounters again. I wonder how that will play out.

I too hope that CI doesn't turn into SVU for USA. SVU's season finale was soooooo Melrose Place, I thought all of the characters were going to lean against a wall and look off into the distance with some sort of intense emotion (be it sadness, anger, or confusion).

I do hope the new stories give KE room to spread her wings and VDO the chance to really take Bobby to new places.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Marge said...

well, im not sure if there are anymore unexplored places for bobby to take us. lol. weve seen him battle evil(nicole) weve seen him betrayed by someone he thought he could trust(declans daughter) he has clashed with everyone he works with from deakin and carver to ross and eames. last season in the thanksgiving episode we practically gave up his job b/c ross tried to hold him at the end of the ep and he went to see his mom instead. the dramatic run in with his brother, death of his mother...and now this tragety with mark ford he is father or not...i dont think he you? anyway thats enough blabbing from me. anyone else have something to say?? :)

8:30 PM  
Blogger The Expert said...


I was thinking more in terms of his relationship with Eames and not necessarily his personal drama (and boy, that was some drama this last season). I'm not even saying that there should be romance between them (ha, in my dreams and other ppls fanfics) but that there can be more to their partnership than just Goren being happy she stayed and their mutual respect for each other. If they give Eames more of a context in terms of her personal history (not even a ton, just a lillll bit) that might create some interesting situations/conflicts/
emotions between them. Last season felt like the partnership aspect was kinda shoved to the side a lot of the time (with the exception of a couple of eps and simple moments) so it would be nice to see it recharged/revamped.

okay, now i'm done ranting:-)

11:14 PM  
Blogger l'oreal said...

i found one i can play! the 20's african american, strong woman, sounds just like me! :) though im a little light skinned for your typical african american (technically im mixed-black & white), that doesnt really matter right?

im gonna have to work up on my acting skills ;)

11:17 AM  
Blogger Marge said...

okay expert i got it now. i thought you were saying bobby in general. yes i too would like to see their partnership change up a bit, no romance though, i think that would ruin it. yes i remember that episode a few seasons ago where that evil judge was doing alot of mud slinging so he wouldnt go down for murder....having that retired det. interrogate his mom, and bringing up that eames had requested a new partner, then change her mind..that was a rough ep for him. although i have to say i can understand where eames was coming from i mean he is a little crazy, and hard to handle, it would deffinatley take some getting used to. some of my favortie eps are when they go undercover as a married fantasy!!!

l'oreal--you should totally go for it!! :)

1:53 PM  

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