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Confessions of a "Law and Order" Junkie

The Simon
By Jeanna Cornett, 10.30.07

The highs and lows of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" on USA

If you, like me, bit your fingernails anxiously awaiting the debut of Law and Order: Criminal Intent on USA, then the first thing you heard, as you sat on the edge of your couch, waiting to see what was to befall your beloved orphan of NBC, was the revamped theme. And you felt a sinking feeling inside, as the opening strains of the familiar L&O came on, seemingly played on the same cheap synthesizer that played the theme to Miami Vice.

A thousand horrors crossed your mind, as the butchered theme played. Would the show suck as badly as the new theme? Would the gorgeous, on location New York photography that has been the trademark of the entire L&O franchise be replaced by the cheap, overly lit look of other USA productions? Would the “doink-doink” or whatever the hell that noise is be there? Would the stories suck?

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Blogger Madre Bella said...

"the stories are only suffering if you are Chris Noth."


honestly, SOME of what this person wrote is what I have been thinking at times. I thought this review was more so comical then anything else.

(i agree, the 2 Donofrio/ Erbe episodes were the best, and I DO NOT LIKE THE OPENING CREDIT MUSIC.. it irks me a little, but i've gotten over it.)

Very good use of adjectives in the article, i needed a good chuckle tonight.! lol

7:23 PM  
Blogger rad-er said...

I must admit, Ms. Cornett voiced many of my concerns with the B-Team episodes. I thought I'd give them a shot for the show's sake, but have been disappointed with the writing and the Falacci character as well. I love Alicia Witt, but her character is not entertaining in this. I'd add the name to the list of her character's annoying attributes. In one scene, Logan, Capt. Ross and the M.E. each called her by "Falacci" within just a few lines of dialogue. It was like a drippy faucet.

9:27 PM  
Blogger KeenObserver said...

I think this writer is too critical. Noth is an excellent actor and I think he didn't shine as well because of the other actors of which he has been paired. I think Alicia Witt has been an excellent addition to the show and I look forward to watching their acting chemistry as much as I do the other two partners. They're so different in their character personalities that IMO they needed to be observed separately.

10:04 PM  
Blogger pfchristine said...

Ya... I don't like the new credits either... but whatever as long as the writing and acting is in tact.

I do totally agree with her on Falacci. She does look and sound like an obnoxious 17 year old. Maybe she's supposed to make us cheer the eventual return of Wheeler :)

10:06 PM  
Blogger Regina Caschetto said...

I was really beginning to enjoy Noth and Nicholson last season, so it was disconcerting for him to have another new partner-I do have to agree with the author that Falacci has not exactly endeared herself to me-being an aggressive female detective is fine, maybe just not in such a loud voice-I really don't think that either Vincent or Kate would want to go back to the once a week schedule so I think once Nicholson comes back, it will be much better-the writing is hard for me to judge seeing that I watch the new Goren and Eames episodes every time they replay them-will have to give "Seeds" and "Lonelyville" another look-

1:08 AM  
Blogger Alyssa said...

I, too, think the writer is far too critical. Seeds was an all right episode. The plot was a little out there but at least it didn't involve any music artists and it wasn't painfully bad such as half of the L/W episodes last season. But Lonelyville, for one, really impressed me. Despite the sleazy subtleties of the storyline--and here I think the critic is being *really* unfair because so many G/E episodes feature pointedly tawdry storylines as well--I thought the ending was very well acted and scripted. Pleasantly cheesy with just the right amount of pathos = Vintage CI. And Noth is really on his game this season, too. He's taking the improved material and making the dialogue sparkle in that sarcastic manner Kathryn Erbe is so fond of doing. I think we bona fide junkies have a lot to look forward to on both camps this season. Guess it's too bad I just read off the LA x site that the strike is official. *gulp*

11:42 PM  
Blogger pfchristine said...

Ya but... tell me you don't watch something like "Seeds" and wish you could see Goren just lay into that narcissistic creep of a doctor. I liked Logan on the mothership and on some level I like him now... but I guess I've just been spoiled for his brand of straight up cop.

The worse the bad guy, the more I wanna see Goren in interview reduce him to a quivering pile of whimpering goo. And when he gets angry and the NY accent comes out... oh baby.

12:59 PM  

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