Friday, October 12, 2007

'Law & Order' On the Case


Read any New York actor's bio and you'll probably find at least one of the three Law & Order shows among the credits. The long-running franchise has been one of the city's biggest employers of talent since the original series debuted on NBC in 1990. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit began in 1999, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (now on the USA Network) premiered in 2001.

To learn how all those cops, lawyers, perps, witnesses, and lab technicians are cast -- and how you can become one of them -- Back Stage spoke with the principal casting directors for SVU and Criminal Intent and the background casters for all three shows. More.

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Blogger Regina Caschetto said...

I just loved this article-so interesting to see how all the extra actors work, how they got started and how they are treated on the set-

4:15 AM  

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