Friday, December 14, 2007

Writers Guild Files Labor Complaint

Associated Press
By LYNN ELBER, 12.14.07

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Union officials representing striking Hollywood writers said Thursday they filed an unfair labor practices complaint claiming studios violated federal law by breaking off negotiations.

The Writers Guild of America also demanded that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers return to the bargaining so the six-week strike can be ended and thousands of workers idled by the walkout can return to their jobs.

excerpted...."But now the situation is dire. The WGA-AMPTP impasse has cost the jobs of tens of thousands of entertainment industry workers, including many of our own members, and more lose their jobs every day the strike continues," the statement said.

New York-based writer Warren Leight, executive producer of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," said he believes the studios would welcome a deal with directors as a way to force concessions from writers.

"We've always known the DGA was the alliance's fallback position," Leight said. "I hope it tells the DGA something that the studios are licking their chops to get into the negotiating room with them."

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Blogger Regina Caschetto said...

I sincerely doubt that talks will resume until the first of the year-I imagine the producers all have big plans for the holidays which they can certainly afford to complete-a sad situation indeed and if the directors sign, what will happen then-

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