Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Casting Notice ~ "Brother's Keeper"

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Episode titled "Brother's Keeper"

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A Joy to work with

"Rita Returns"
From Theater Mania
January 11, 2007


TM: They've just re-released The King and I on DVD. Do you watch any of your old movies?
RM: No, and I rarely watch TV when I'm on it. I'm playing Vincent D'Onofrio's mother in three episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Boy, is he a joy to work with. Warren Leight, the show's writer, and Darnell Martin, who directed me in OZ and I Like it Like That, called me and asked if I would do it. I was sent the script of the first episode, and I literally had two scenes with one line each. I called Warren and said, "You have to tell me that there's going to be more than this in the second and third episodes!" He said, "If you do the part, it will completely change everything. We'd love to have you." In fact, they rewrote that first script so I had about four scenes in it. Of course, I look like the wrath of God. Honey, if you thought I looked wretched in OZ, wait till you see this. It's a career-ruiner!

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Updated & Validated VDO Wikipedia Article

Jan 23, 2007 - The post containing the letter from Trish Gow concerning the Wikipedia information on D'Onofrio's marriage has been removed after we were informed that we are suspected of 'planting' this information.

Trish Gow, the Wikipedia 'editor' who provided this information (she's also a moderator on another board but wishes that identity to remain unnamed) also posted this same information on the NBC LO:CI board. You may still access the information on the NBC LO:CI message board.

We were told that repeated attempts had been made in December by the D'Onofrio spokesperson to correct the marriage information but it was continuously edited, presumably by fans. The correspondence provided to us was conclusive as to the identity of the spokesperson. Additionally, the spokesperson's identity was confirmed by an administrator at Wikipedia, Shell Kinney. However, since the D'Onofrio spokesperson nor the board moderator who provided this information is willing to be named, we have removed it.

If you want further information concerning the veracity of the marital status change, you may contact the Wikipedia person/board moderator.--Trish Gow, NY. She was the liaison for the 'D'Onofrio spokesperson' and sent the information to us, requesting that we post it.


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PSA interview video


Public Service Announcement on Antiprejudice

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