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Happy Birthday Vincent!

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Vincent D'Onofrio is 49 on June 30th.

Mr. D'Onofrio,
I want to thank you for all the entertaining shows you have given us through all the years. You truly are the most humble and brilliant man I've ever seen. May you always receive the blessings you long for from above as you walk on the road of success! My best to your family --> Carin, Elias & Baby Luca!

Happy, happy 49th birthday!



Friday, June 27, 2008

Vincent D'Onofrio Puts Criminal Intent's Goren on the Couch

TV Guide, 6.27.08
by Mike Flaherty

Watching Vincent D'Onofrio's Det. Robert Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Sundays at 9 pm/ET, USA) is a deliciously unsettling experience. We love the awkward mannerisms, the halting yet penetrating speech, the craned neck bend he performs when grilling suspects. He's brilliant, insightful, riveting. But, frankly, he seems a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you know what we mean….
For example: In "Untethered," D'Onofrio's last episode before the writers' strike, Goren went undercover in a mental ward to expose prisoner abuse. Instead, he fell prey to the sadistic mind games and emerged from the ordeal near-catatonic. In the first post-strike episode, "Purgatory," the suspended Goren got reinstated, but we never witnessed the psych evaluation that was required to get his shield and gun back. This was no accident: Turns out D'Onofrio's loathe to have his alter ego follow a certain powerful, neurotic Italian-American to the couch. "The Sopranos did it so perfectly that if you take a strong character like mine and put him with a shrink, it's going to be a copy," says the actor. "So we won't go there."

Actually, dude, we will. Full article

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This is the online version of the TV article excerpts previously
posted (Thanks Donnajo!)


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chris Noth is leaving "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

By Nellie Andreeva
June 26, 2008, 03:07 PM ET

Jeff Goldblum is joining the USA Network series as the new co-lead alongside Vincent D'Onofrio. The two will be spitting starring duties throughout the season the way D'Onofrio did with Noth in the past three years.

"Jeff's presence will add a new dimension to an already successful show," "Law & Order" chief Dick Wolf said. full article

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Variety, Jun. 26, 2008, 12:38pm PT
Goldblum joins 'Criminal Intent'
Actor to replace Chris Noth on NBC 'Law' drama

Jeff Goldblum is set to replace Chris Noth next season on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

Like Noth, Goldblum will be seen in half of the series' episodes; discussions are ongoing with Vincent D'Onofrio to continue headlining the other half.

Noth, who joined the show in 2005 when D'Onofrio opted to reduce his workload, reps the show's latest departure. Exec producer Warren Leight recently left and signed a deal with HBO, where he'll oversee a new season of "In Treatment." A replacement for Leight has not yet been named. Full article


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Also from
Noth Out, Goldblum in at ‘L&O: CI’
By Josef Adalian and Jon Lafayette

Chris Noth is giving up his “Law & Order” gun and badge for a second time, leaving the cast of USA Network’s “L&O: Criminal Intent” at the end of the series’ seventh season.

Mr. Noth will be replaced on the show next season by Jeff Goldblum, a network spokesman confirmed.“Jeff’s presence will add a new dimension to an already successful show,” said Dick Wolf, creator of the “L&O” franchise.

An insider said negotiations for another season between USA and Mr. Noth, who appeared in the original “L&O” on NBC, simply didn’t work out.

“Chris has been a member of the ‘Law & Order’ family since the beginning, and Mike Logan is one of the most popular detectives in the history of television. We all wish him the best,” said Mr. Wolf.

by Jeff Sampson

There is no clear word on why Chris Noth has left the L&O: CI, though there are rumors that he was asked to take a pay freeze for the upcoming season rather than offered a pay increase. With the success of Sex and the City: The Movie and with new movie roles already being filmed, including a romantic comedy called My One and Only that also stars Renée Zellweger, it seems clear why Noth made his decision.

New season 7 episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent are currently airing on Sunday nights on USA Network. Season 8 with Jeff Golblum should begin airing on USA this fall.

Do you think Jeff Goldblum will be a good replacement for Chris Noth?
>>Go to to vote.


Mr. Big's Exit: Chris Noth Done With 'Law and Order'

Fox News, 6.26.08
By Roger Friedman

Sources tell me Noth is leaving the series he's been with for five seasons, splitting leading-role duties with Vincent D'Onofrio. His replacement will be Jeff Goldblum, who comes to TV from a long film career that includes "The Fly" and "Independence Day."

Noth, as Detective Mike Logan, was a member of the original "Law and Order" cast when it started 18 years ago. He left the show, returned, and then joined "Criminal Intent" originally opposite Annabella Sciorra in 2005 after pumping up his career considerably as Mr. Big in the HBO series "Sex and the City."
Full article

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"Goren Knows Everything" Tee

Tee-shirt from Canadian Company Glarkware, $20.00

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Rumor has it....

....that Chris Noth had been fired & Jeff Goldblum hired to replace him.

Source tells us that this rumor is confirmed by a friend on the show.

*No official confirmation*

3pm - Confirmed this afternoon.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TV Guide Interview

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Interrogating Goren
by Mike Flaherty

Vincent D'Onofrio Puts His Criminal Intent Alter Ego On The Couch -
And He's Not As Crazy As You Think.

Watching Vincent D'Onofrio's Det. Robert Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent is a deliciously unsettling experience. We love the awkward mannerisms, the halting yet penetrating speech, the craned neck bend he performs when grilling suspects. He's brilliant, insightful, riveting, But frankly, he seems a few sandwiches short of a picnic. If you know what we mean...

For example: In "Untethered," D'Onofrio's last episode before the writer's strike, Goren went undercover in a mental ward to expose prisoner abuse........

.....In the first poststrike episode "Purgatory," the suspended Goren got reinstated, but we never witnessed the psych evaluation that was required to get his shield and gun back. This was no accident. Turns out D'Onofrio's loathe to have his alter ego follow a certain, powerful, neurotic Italian-American to the couch. "The Sopranos did it so perfectly that if you take a strong character like mine and put him with a shrink, it's going to be a copy." says the actor. "So we won't go there."

Actually dude, we will.......(here comes the poking fun at therapy part)

Diagnosis: Abandonment Issues
Goren's major malfunction in a nutshell: His father, a compulsive gambler and serial adulterer, walked out when his son was 11. Four years earlier, his mother, had been diagnosed with schizophrenia...

..D'Onofrio says "Goren's very damaged. In some ways, it's what makes him a better cop. He's lost everyone close to him (save for partner Alexandra Eames) but refuses to lose a suspect once in his grasp."

Our Conclusion? That obsession is his way of exerting a degree of control that he never had growing up.

Diagnosis: Paternal Neglect
Did someone say "daddy issues?" Goren's mother informed him on her deathbed that the louse he thought was his father may not be his father. Instead, it may be the louse she was bonking back in 1960, a serial killer
named Mark Ford Brady. As a result, says D'Onofrio, "Goren is lost and has to find his way." The show's consulting producer, Rene Balcer, is more direct: "He's always looking for a father figure." But Balcer also points out "that neglected boys tend to have a lot of problems with older males and authority issues."

That's our boy!

Diagnosis: Post-Romantic Stress Syndrome
OK, we made that one up. But it's the best way to describe the psychological morass that is Goren's relationship with criminal mastermind Nicole Wallace.......

...."That's the only true relationship with a woman that he's had in the last seven years other than his mom," notes D'Onofrio. "Which is very screwed up."

Diagnosis:Repressed Sociopathy
Manipulation is a symptom of the psychopathic personality," Goren once observed of a suspect. That's the cop calling the kettle black! His ability to guilt-trip, distract and befuddle suspects into a confession makes you wonder what path Goren might have followed if not law enforcement. "He walks that line of being able to enter that criminal world and think like a criminal," D'Onofrio observes. Balcer concurs: "There but for the grace of God goes Goren."

Diagnosis:Narcissistic Personality Disorder
A more taciturn, less flaky Goren of the past few seasons was an attempt , as D'Onofrio said, to, "internalize" the character. "The guy couldn't be so quirky that he wouldn't be allowed to be a cop." That
recalibration seemed to have come full circle when we saw the scruffy, puffy Goren at the beginning of "Purgatory," brooding at the end of the bar......

So who knows? Maybe he will go completely off the rails someday.. Until that happens, Goren will remain a work in progress. "The last episode this season will revisit his past in a very literal way," reveals D'Onofrio. "He'll be pulled out of a nosedive," adds Balcer.

OK, just don't go making him normal or anything.


Monday, June 23, 2008

A new and old episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent walk into a bar...

From TV Squad, 6.23.08
by Richard Keller

So, I'm watching a new episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA Network this past Sunday and, like all upstanding Americans do, I was flipping through the channels during a commercial break. As I passed by these channels at the speed of light my eye caught something on Bravo. It was another episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Not a new episode, mind you, just a repeat of a repeat of a repeat that Bravo airs during their Sunday night block.

Now, you're probably saying to yourself 'So what? Cable channels are allowed to air whatever they damn well please.' Well, after lecturing you about your tone of voice I would mention that you had a point. But, thanks to the wonderful world of corporate synergy, your argument would not meet the mustard. You see, Bravo is under the huge umbrella known as NBC Universal, which is the same company that owns USA Network, which is currently airing new episodes of Law & Order: CI on Sunday nights. With all of this information at hand the following question comes to mind:

Who the hell is programming these networks? Full article

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Episode Recap: "Betrayal"

From, 6.23.08

Tonight’s episode was focused on Captain Ross when an old friend’s (and former flame) younger husband goes missing. Goren and Eames are still not speaking as they are put on this case which shows nothing has been resolved with that or the rat.

The young husband of Kathy a crime writer and ex-cop goes missing, and is suspected to have been the victim of a carjacking. We see that Woody was not alone and was running away with a girl his age named Avery – who also happened to be married and to an older man named Roy.

This whole episode I found kind of lacking, and in the end predictable. For a minute there in the middle I thought it was Roy that had something to do with it, but then when Kathy was wiring the money to Mexico- I knew something was up. So Kathy had murdered her second husband and now Woody because they had cheated on her and all these years has been using the Captain as her ally in the police department. In the end you did feel for the Captain- especially when Goren called out to him. “Not a word.” Full article

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"Betrayed" caps


Thursday, June 19, 2008

TV networks brace for potential actors strike

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) 6.19.08
- As Hollywood recovers from a tumultuous writers walkout that ended in February, U.S. television networks are bracing for a possible actors strike that could delay the upcoming fall TV season.

Jitters over renewed labor unrest have mounted in recent days as contract talks between the Screen Actors Guild and the major film and TV studios have grown increasingly rancorous with little or no sign that a settlement is near.

The three-year labor pact covering film and prime-time TV work for 120,000 SAG members is due to expire in two weeks.
Full article

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New CI episode "Neighborhood Watch"

New LOCI episode #20 titled "Neighborhood Watch" has been posted for casting. This is a Logan and Wheeler episode and shoots June 30 - July 10.


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More Photos from Tribeca FF - 5.3.08

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From Flickr: posted by and copyrighted to Rubenstein, photographed by Martyna Borokowski.

"Glad you like the photos. Vince is a good lookin' guy.
Please feel free to use them, but can you site the
copyright as '(c) Rubenstein, photographed by Martyna
Borokowski.'" Sam Weston, Rubenstein Communications

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Monday, June 16, 2008

"The Narrows"

Kevin Zegers and Vincent D'Onofrio (as Vinny Manadoro) in a scene from "The Narrows". Film slated for 2009 release.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

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"Five Minutes, Mr Welles" clip

On Youtube by VDO630. Sent in by Lozzie - thank you!


Friday, June 13, 2008

LOCI episodes for July

New CI episodes scheduled for July on USA Network

"Please Note" 7/6/08
"Reunion" 7/13/08
"Vanishing Act" 7/20/08
"Ten Count:" 7/27/08

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Also, NBC will reair the following episodes on Saturdays:

07/05/08 10:00 PM BETRAYED
06/28/08 10:00 PM CONTRACT
06/21/08 10:00 PM PURGATORY


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trailer -"It don't Pay To Be An Honest Citizen"

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On Youtube by Jacob297 - the trailer for the 1984 film featuring a 25-year-old Vincent D'Onofrio. Caution: Strong language


From, April 30.2007
the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in the East Village will be screening It Don't Pay To Be an Honest Citizen! on Tuesday at 7 p.m. followed by a beer and pizza reception.

Interview with "Honest" director Jacob Burckhardt

- excerpted -
"An unknown (at the time) actor named Vincent D’Onofrio was a bartender at the Ritz, a club that has since turned into Webster Hall, and somebody I knew who worked there put us together and he tried out for the lead part. He wasn’t right for it--too big and tough looking--but he was a good actor so I asked him to play one of the muggers." Full article


Monday, June 09, 2008

New CI episode "Legacy"

CI episode #19 (Goren/Eames) titled "Legacy" has been posted for casting. Shoots June 18-27. Details to come.

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6.10.08 - Spoilers! Breakdown


Audio Interview in Cleveland

Phone interview with Vincent D'Onofrio, conducted by a Cleveland FM radio station.
On Youtube--

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Episode Recap "Purgatory", 6.9.08

Law & Order: CI is finally back after the strike, and it seems like we didn’t miss much while the show was away. Detective Goren has been on suspension – aka purgatory- now for 5 months after going “nuts” back in January after his unofficial undercover work in a prison. We find Goren in his neighbor bar when he is approached by Mike Stoat, a former cop who is also on suspension for six months for drug use while undercover. Stoat offers Goren a job for extra money while on suspension, and gives him a gun while he ponders over accepting it. Umm, not the smartest thing ya think to give Goren a gun?!
Full article

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"Purgatory" caps


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Criminal Intent's Seismic Shift

The Improper, 6.8.08
Between the Lines
By Winchester

"'Showrunner' Warren Leight Departs for 'HBO' Series"

This column is called “Between The Lines” mainly due to the fact that we attempt to look inside; to see what's really happening, to peel away the spin and go inside the story. This week, here in New York, a major shift occurred for one of my favorite TV shows, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” This was the third Law & Order show to come to fruition from producer/creator Dick Wolf, and it features the terrific Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.

Every show on TV has a showrunner; usually they're part producer, part writer and part creative director. CI had as its showrunner for the past several years, playwright and writer Warren Leight. Leight and D'Onofrio crafted a whole new direction for the main character detective Bobby Goren; a brilliant investigator, but tortured soul, with a father he never really knew and a mother who slowly died as the series progressed. In fact, the entire last season dealt with the aftermath of that as well as the character re-connecting with a brother who had become an alcoholic as well as becoming drug dependent. Full article

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HBO makes plans for 'In Treatment' with Leight, 6.3.08
By Matea Gold & Maria Elena Fernandez

HBO’s “In Treatment” has not been officially renewed for a second season, but there are signs that Gabriel Byrne’s therapist, Paul Weston, will be back in his chair next year.

The cable network has already made plans for a change in the management of the critically acclaimed drama should it continue, tapping Warren Leight, who has run “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” for the last two years, to succeed show runner Rodrigo Garcia.

Leight said he plans to wrap up production on the seventh season of “Criminal Intent” by early August and begin breaking stories for “In Treatment” a few weeks later.

“In some ways, it’s 180 degrees from what I’ve been doing,” said the writer, who signed a one-year producing deal with HBO to run “In Treatment” and write a separate pilot.

“This show is so plot-driven,” he said of “Criminal Intent,” where he spent six years, while the HBO series is “an emotionally driven show.” “I’ve killed probably 150 people in last six years,” Leight added. “It will be nice to have people working their problems out in therapist’s office.”

He noted that it was a hard decision to leave “Criminal Intent,” which moved from NBC to sister cable network USA last year. The show, the youngest of Dick Wolf’s “Law & Order” franchise, was renewed last week for another 16-episode season.

“Dick gave me my shot as a show runner, and I’ll always been grateful to him for that,” Leight said.

Wolf has not announced who will replace Leight on the USA series but released a statement praising him for a “terrific job.” Full article


Monday, June 02, 2008

Leight to begin 'Treatment'

Variety, 6.1.08

Exec producer close to sealing deal with HBO

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" exec producer Warren Leight is close to sealing an overall deal with HBO. The pay cabler is seeking to sign Leight to a writing and producing deal with an eye toward his becoming involved in the shrink skein "In Treatment" should it go to a second season.

With Leight's deal for "Criminal Intent" up, NBC Universal and USA had been busy attempting to hammer out a new pact to keep the scribe in place as showrunner for season eight (Daily Variety, May 23).

There was no word Sunday on potential replacements for Leight on "Criminal Intent." But "Law & Order" boss Dick Wolf is no stranger to turnover on his hit franchise's three series and has pointed out in the past that his shows have weathered showrunner changes thanks to his deep bench of producers. Full article


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Warren Leight Leaves Criminal Intent

Deadline Hollywood, 5.31.08
By Nikki Finke

Within days of USA Network renewing Law & Order: Criminal Intent with an order for 16 episodes, the series has just lost its showrunner. I'm told Warren Leight has left to be the showrunner of HBO's In Treatment. It's a big blow to Bonnie Hammer, promoted two months ago to head the newly created NBCU Cable Entertainment & Cable Studio. The former USA Network/Sci Fi Channel boss had been in the midst of hammering out a new deal with Leight, under whose leadership CI was the top drama series in basic cable primetime for the fourth quarter, more than doubling USA's audience in the 10 p.m. Thursday slot from the same period the previous year. Full article


sent in by et_fan. Thanks!

This week's Entertainment Weekly magazine dated June 6 2008 #995/996 has 2 mentions of CI. One is under the "What to Watch" section. This section appears at online and should be updated this coming Monday. The other blurb appears under the summer tv preview, which may or may not appear online.

Under the special summer tv preview section it says:

Bringing the crazy back
Vincent D'Onofrio's Det. Robert Goren is just as unhinged as ever. After his mother's death and his undercover work in a mental hospital, he leans on partner Alex Eames (Kathryn Erbe). "Her character's going to be more established," says D'Onofrio. Does that mean Goren will take time for therapy? "Why?" wonders D'Onofrio. "He seems perfectly normal to me."

There is also a spoiler about Det. Wheeler in this section and a small photo of D'Onofrio holding a gun. The Scoop
Julianne Nicholson's Det. Megan Wheeler returns from working a task force (i.e., maternity leave), now engaged. How does partner Mike Logan (Chris Noth) take the news? "He teases her about it, of course," says Nicholson.

Sunday 6.08 TV What to Watch:

Law & Order Criminal Intent
Goren's back (physically, if not exactly mentally). Hey, out of curiosity, how crazy can you be and stil carry a gun for a living?

This issue also shows the season ratings for all network shows. LOCI ranks No. 81, tied with Moonlighting. It is 115th in the 18-49 demo, 7.5 million viewers, 3% DVR viewers.