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~ Live Earthcam in Times Square, NYC.


Ron Harris Interview

Our full interview with Ron Harris, who served as Vincent D'Onofrio's stand-in on Law & Order: Criminal Intent for four years.

We expected to post this interview earlier in the year when it could be placed in an updated webpage, but that has not been completed. Site updates and maintenance will be reduced in 2009, so we wanted to present this fun and informative article now so everyone will have a chance to read it. We hope you enjoy it!

Our thanks again to Ron Harris for his time and sharing his memories with us.

*Per Mr. Harris' request, please do not republish in any form or format. Thank you!


Friday, December 26, 2008

CI return in March or April?

Or is it January? Does ANYONE know?

E!Online, 12.26.08
by Kristin Dos Santos

Get Our Winter TV Premiere Dates Calendar!

Is winter secretly the best season?

TV-wise, it just might be, what with the return of Lost and 24, plus the premiere of much-anticipated series like Dollhouse, Castle and Amy Poeher, Beyond Thunderdome.

Want to know when your faves are back on the air?

**Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns to USA in March or April.

Full article

Thanks Peachybc!
---------------------------------------------, 12.26.08

Spotlight On 10 Top Basic Cable Shows

Check out our list of top 10 cable shows, which contains some old favorites, some obscure cult hits, and a couple new arrivals.

7. Law and Order: Criminal Intent made its move to the USA in 2007. This version of L & O gives a deeper look into the criminal psyche and has less of a courtroom drama aspect. Vincent D'Onofrio is excellent as Det. Robert Goren. Show creator Dick Wolf says his character is based on Sherlock Holmes. New episodes featuring Jeff Goldblum begin January 9 at 10/9c.

Thanks Saghy!

1.2.09 -

Suddenly, winter is the new fall.
Here's a rundown of the midseason madness coming our way:

...."Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (9 p.m. Feb. 5, USA): Jeff Goldblum steps in for Chris Noth, but can he ever be Mr. Big?

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

TV 2008: The 10 best actors who won’t win an Emmy

OCRegister, 12.24.08
Pedro and The Watcher, the Pop Culture and TV Blog

TV 2008: The 10 best actors who won’t win an Emmy

Everybody rolls out the hardware for Michael C. Hall or Glenn Close or Jeremy Piven, but there are plenty of excellent actors who never seem to get an award. Here are 10 of the Watcher favorites:

1. Vincent D’Onofrio (Robert Goren, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”) - Goren is one of the great detective characters of all time, a modern Sherlock Holmes juggling genius and madness.
Full article

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Full Meaty Jacket, 12.25.08
By Ted Scheffler

A number of my friends and associates are big fans of Rib City restaurant in Sandy (and also American Fork). I, however, had never made the trek there until last week when I had the opportunity to interview Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Vincent D’Onofrio. His sister Toni Jorgensen and her husband Ron opened both of the Utah Rib City restaurants, and D’Onofrio is also involved. He was kind enough to take time out from important charity work to sit down with me for a quick lunch at the Sandy restaurant.

D’Onofrio and his Rib City “family” help raise donations for charities like Shop With a Cop (in which kids go shopping with police officers for Christmas at Kmart), Cops & Kids Sharing Christmas and The Fallen Officer Memorial Fund. D’Onofrio and his wife are involved in a number of charitable organizations but prefer to keep quiet about them—except, that is, for when meeting the public, signing autographs and posing for photos might help to generate a donation or two. D’Onofrio and his family are, as they say, good people. More than talking about his next movie or TV show, he was thrilled to tell me about the guy who walked up to him and the police chief of American Fork the night before and handed him a $700 donation.

“That’s going straight to the kids!” D’Onofrio says, excitedly. He can hardly contain his enthusiasm when he talks about how donations large and small might improve an underprivileged kid’s Christmas.

As the actor tucked into a plate of tender Bar-B-Q Chicken ($8.99) based with sweet barbecue sauce, I asked how a smart and successful, talented, Brooklyn-born guy of Italian descent got sucked into the restaurant biz. Why is he pimping barbecue rather than braciole? Full article


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Happy Holidays !!

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays to all!
Thank you to Enaka for the beautiful holiday card!


Mistletoe Hunt!!!

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Happy Holidays!


SAG authorization vote delayed

Variety, 12.22.08

National board to meet on Jan. 12 and 13

Facing growing internal dissent, leaders of the Screen Actors Guild have postponed SAG's divisive strike authorization vote for two weeks.

SAG national exec director Doug Allen declared that SAG's national board must meet first in order to present a united front before sending out strike ballots.

In a surprise announcement Monday night, Allen notified members that the vote -- which had been set to go out on Jan. 2 and be tabulated on Jan. 23 -- would be delayed until after an emergency meeting of the board on Jan. 12 and 13.

Allen said in the missive that he and SAG president Alan Rosenberg had agreed to delay the authorization vote -- which requires a 75% approval from members who cast ballots -- to "address the unfortunate division and restore consensus."
Full article


Monday, December 22, 2008

Rib City fundraiser

Follow-up article on the Rib City fundraiser. Send in by Judy P. Thanks!

Daily Herald, 12.18.08
by Barbara Christiansen

Restaurant owner recruits 'Law and Order' actor for charity event

Fans of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," those seeking to help others at Christmastime and customers who just enjoy barbecued food gathered together last week, with the result that six kids will have a chance to do some Christmas shopping with a police officer on Saturday.

Toni Jorgensen of Rib City Grill had a benefit for two days at the restaurant, calling in assistance from her brother, actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who stars in the TV show. She said she was pleased with the results of the fundraising.

"We raised almost $3,000 in American Fork," she said. The goal was originally $2,000, but the restaurant's customers exceeded that. In the Sandy location, they collected more than $4,000 to help the effort.

"Everybody was just excited to see Vincent," she said. "They were also supporting the cause." Jorgensen said people came into the restaurant after her brother had left, but asked her to deliver messages for them.

"Tell him I love him," she reported that they said. "I got random phone calls about him on Saturday."

A record number of customers ate lunch at the American Fork location on Thursday.
Full article


Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr Wolf

Happy Birthday to the man who gave us Detective Goren!

Dick Wolf turns 62 on Saturday, December 20th.

From CityfileNY

Thanks Saghy!


CI return in Second Quarter 2009?

TV Q&A with Rob Owen, 12.19.08

Q: I check out your TV Q&A every week for updates. I usually watch "Law & Order "in all its varieties, and I was concerned about Jay Leno's show bumping the original "L&O." It has one more season to go to equal or supplant "Gunsmoke" as the longest running series ever. I hope NBC would consider that, though I know ratings are the main thing. To me the quality of the shows have all increased this year.

Anyway, two questions: do you know the premiere dates for "L&O: CI" and "Battlestar Galactica"? Thanks!

A: "Battlestar" returns Jan. 16. "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" doesn't yet have a season premiere date, but I'm hearing it will likely be back during the second quarter of 2009.
Full article

Thanks Peachybc!


Movie in Tennessee, 12.18.08

Exclusive: Vincent D'Onofrio to do indie movie in Tenn

C’mon, you know Vincent D’Onofrio. That intense dude in Law & Order: Criminal Intent? That redneck guy whose body was invaded by aliens at the beginning of Men in Black? Uh, Full Metal Jacket?

Turns out Vincent is good buddies with a casting director from Nashville, one Laray Mayfield. Together, they plan to make an independent movie in Tennessee this summer, Laray tells me. But she was quite coy about any details, other than to say it’s a father-daughter movie that’ll be shot in Nashville and Memphis. And the whole thing will be made for $5 million.

Thanks Linda!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


NBCUMV News Release, 12.17.08

Third Consecutive Year as #1; USA First Cable Network To Beat Broadcast Network

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – December 17, 2008 – USA was the #1 network in basic cable prime, delivering more P25-54 (1.33 million, +23% over #2 TNT) and P18-49 (1.30 million, +16% over #2 TBS) than any other network the third straight year. In 2008, USA was also the top network in basic cable prime among total viewers (2.84 million, +19% over #2 Disney Channel) and households (2.11 million, +17% over #2 Disney Channel).

USA's 2008 average for P25-54 (1.33 million), P18-49 (1.30 million), total viewers (2.84 million) and households (2.11 million) is the highest ever for a basic cable network in Primetime. USA delivered more P25-54, P18-49, and total viewers than the CW in prime (Mon-Sun 8P-11P). This is the first time a cable network has beaten a broadcast network.

USA swept the year, winning the race for P18-49 and P25-54 entertainment viewers in each of the four quarters for the second year in a row, a feat no other network has ever accomplished. The victory in 4Q08 marked the 10th consecutive quarterly win for USA among P18-49, P25-54 and total viewers for ad-supported entertainment networks – an unrivaled winning streak.

......... Half of the top ten P25-54 & P18-49 original scripted series were on USA with BURN NOTICE, IN PLAIN SIGHT, MONK, PSYCH and LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT.

USA Network is the #1 network in all of basic cable and is seen in 94 million U.S. homes. A division of NBC Universal, USA is the cable television leader in original series and is home to the best in blockbuster theatrical films, acquired television and entertainment events. The award-winning USA website is located at Characters Welcome.

Thanks Peachybc!


Letter from Eric Bogosian to SAG Members

-- sent in by VDOVault. Thanks for the updates.

Dear Friends,

The New York Board of the Screen Actors Guild has released a statement of non-support for the upcoming strike authorization vote.
I am writing to tell you that I was not part of the meeting in which this resolution was adopted, I did not vote for it and I object to it.

Up to this point, I have kept quiet outside the boardroom. But since others think they have the right to speak for me, I must speak for myself.

I will support a “yes” vote for strike authorization. This is how I will vote and this is how I would recommend all membership to vote.

Is this the right time for a strike authorization? Yes. It is our only move. The contract is terrible. If you don’t believe me, go online and read about it yourself.

[The AMPTP's contract itself is here.

Visit SAG homepage [] for this info.

The complicating factors are the current economy and the unknown efficacy of a strike authorization. Each person must vote his or her best insight and conscience. I am voting mine.

Make no mistake, there is no better contract three years down the line. Sooner or later, you have to stand up and be counted. And sooner is always better than later.

Perhaps you don’t care about what you get paid or residuals or French hours or any of that. All you want is a job on any terms. OK, but if you like health care, pensions, a safe working environment please acknowledge the fact that all of these things were achieved through union collective bargaining. In the past, membership stood up for what we have now. The essence of being in a union is collective bargaining.

If you are voting “no” for strike authorization because you think that our current board of directors are strike mongerers or hot-heads, please think again because you are simply THINKING WHAT THE AMPTP WANTS YOU TO THINK. We are asking for a straightforward negotiation on straightforward points. We must negotiate these now, or suck lemons until we can. And when will that be? Three years from now? Please note that AMPTP never makes a better deal until they have to. Caving in now will only encourage them toward further union-busting tactics. For ALL the unions.

And with that in mind, be aware that our union is the largest with the most money to be distributed via residuals. We are the prize for the AMPTP. Likewise, as we cave, so will they continue to pressure our sister unions to wilt under pressure.

We have every right to negotiate our own contract. Yes, our leadership is stubborn and brassy. So what? Who do you want representing you? The producer’s friends?

After the last election the national board includes members who are very critical of our leadership. As a result, the board represents a balanced view regarding any potential strike. If you can trust anyone to make a balanced judgement, this is the time. But leadership must have strike authorization to get the AMPTP back to the table.

Two last thoughts.

Firstly, we are a union, we are a voting membership. The producers are a commercial entity. The people with whom we negotiate are hired guns. They can be replaced if they don’t do their job. And up to now they haven’t done a very good job finishing this contract and their bosses know it. There are major motion pictures waiting to start shooting. They cannot proceed until there is a contract (and no possibility whatsoever of a strike). AMPTP is threatening us with a punitive situation. But the sword cuts both ways. This is our strength.

Secondly, the Internet is going to be vastly profitable to the AMPTP on a scale never before seen. The costs of doing business will go way down. The middle-men in foreign markets will disappear (you don’t need a distributor when you do down-loads and streaming). And the “units” will be exactly accountable. The advertisers will know exactly how many viewers will watch the TV shows and movies downloaded or streamed. And if we do this right, so will we. Our contracts have established that we should receive a percentage of revenue as “residuals”, why are we giving that up now?

I am truly sorry that the New York Board has chosen to fight the leadership for most of this year. They have done nothing to make a difficult situation easier. I’m all for debate, but in the boardroom, not in public. We elected our officials, let’s let them do their job.

For more info go to:

Eric Bogosian


Monday, December 15, 2008

Another D'Onofrio director

Acting coach Elizabeth D'Onofrio directs the cast at Ft. Myers FL theater.

-little theater, big heart -
'The Purple Heart Theater opens on Fort Myers Beach after a four-year labor of love' ~ by Nancy Stetson, Ft Myers Florida Weekly.

Carl Conley believes in building a home for the arts on Fort Myers Beach, one brick at a time.

He started by presenting one performance at a time, and estimates that over the past eight years or so, he's brought 45 or 50 events to the Beach.

The Purple Heart Theater was dedicated Nov. 21, with Sen. Bill Nelson's wife, Grace, speaking, and Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah attending. Soon after, the Island Arts Foundation presented its first play on the Purple Heart Stage: "On the Hard," written by local playwright Faye Ellen Graetz.

...."On the Hard" is a nautical term that means "on the land." Ms. Graetz's play is about a couple that purchases a fixerupper in a Florida boatyard to get them to the Caribbean. The six-member cast was directed by Elizabeth D'Onofrio. An Equity actor, Ms. D'Onofrio also has a role in "On the Hard" and gives acting lessons at the Purple Heart.

"I think it's a great theater," she says. "It's beautiful. Carl did a really great job with it." Full story.


'Staten Island' release

The release date for the film "Staten Island" has been pushed back to March 18, 2009 under the title "Little New York" in France (by Europacorp). We have requested information regarding release of the film in the US, and will post when available.

Thanks dBear!


SAG News

...sent in by VDOVault - Thank you!

"We are a couple of hours away from what promises to be a contentious SAG NYC town hall meeting and of all people Eric Bogosian is at the eye of the storm (Who could have imagined that scenario? Certainly not me). I want you to know that Eric is looking extremely good going into this meeting (actors are citing him as a hero and a leader) and that I've emailed a couple of NYC actors whom I expect to be at the NYC town hall to offer words of encouragement & admiration from fans to Eric."

VDOVault has posted SAG updates on USA CI board. VDOVault says her sources for the materials are both emails from actors and Deadline Hollywood Daily. She has posted other SAG news here.

Posted by Nikki Finke, Deadline Hollywood, 12.12.08 ~ That's Gonna Be A Heated SAG Town Hall In NYC Monday: Angry NY Division Calls For Emergency National Board Meeting

No doubt SAG's Town Hall meeting on Monday in NYC is going to be fraught with tension. (December 15, 2008: 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, Westin Times Square – Majestic Ballroom, 270 West 43rd Street at 8th Avenue, 5th Floor.) Not only are the Hollywood-based SAG president Alan Rosenberg and executive director/chief negotiator Doug Allen going to be there in person, but so will the New York Division board members who've just called for 1) a stop to the Strike Authorization Vote, 2) an emergency National Board meeting, 3) the appointment of a new national negotiating task force, and 4) a demand that the AMPTP return to the bargaining table once all of the above are done. I, for one, would be very curious to see what would happen if the anti-Membership First group of NYers got their way. Would the newly elected National Board go along with this?....

12.15 ~ SAG Splitsville: Star Actors vs Star Actors; SAG Leaders vs NY Division: Rosenberg Cancels Emergency SAG Board Meeting

12.16 ~ SAG is Furious, by Jonathan Handel, Huffington Post

SAG leaders came under heavy fire at a New York membership meeting today attended by a standing-room only crowd of about 400 members. Members demanded that guild National Executive Director Doug Allen be fired, that President Alan Rosenberg resign, and, over and over, that the negotiating committee be replaced. The hostile crowd, though described as generally respectful, booed and hissed the two Allens on several occasions, according to one source (another disagreed). According to two attendees, Rosenberg turned pale and became so emotional at one point (after a personal remark was made to him) that he had to leave the room.

....The reception in New York couldn't have been more different than in Los Angeles last week, where most members appeared in favor of the strike authorization, or an actual strike. Add to this the letters from the NY and Chicago boards and from the A-listers, all opposing a strike authorization and it's clear that this is now a union in open civil war.

Thanks Peachybc!


12.17 ~ TV Studios Shift to AFTRA

Switching from SAG to protect against actors strike

Hollywood Reporter, By Nellie Andreeva

"LOS ANGELES A switch in actor union representation on broadcast TV from the Screen Actors Guild to the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is shifting into high gear in light of the protracted contract negotiations between SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the threatened SAG strike.

To protect pilots that would be affected by a SAG walkout, the major TV studios are looking to produce many or all of them under AFTRA.

"With all the uncertainty surrounding the stalled negotiations with SAG, 20th TV is considering shooting its spring pilots under the AFTRA agreement," the studio said Tuesday..."

12.18 ~ SAG STRIKE AUTHORIZATION VOTE: "Yes" And "No" Sides Now Have Dueling Websites, Celeb Lists And Actor Videos

12.18 ~ Alicia Witt on Youtube on what's at stake - thanks VDOVault!


Catching Up!

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for all email sent in with clips, articles, and well-wishes too. Quickly, Sam finished his trip for work and is in now in Stowe! Chrissy has a new baby boy - born 12/7 and 8.4 lbs - the "little tank" as she calls him! And LJ is still singing "It's a Small World". Hope all of you are doing well.

Starting with that Utah visit, late but we'll post it up anyway---

12.12.08 ~ HeraldExtra

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio stands with American Fork Police Chief Lance Call in front of Rib City Grill in American Fork during a fundraising event for Cops and Kids Sharing Christmas Charity Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008. The Law and Order actor was in town visiting his sister, Rib City Grill owner Toni Jorgensen, and volunteering his time to raise money for the charity. "We are very in sync with the police in New York," said D'Onofrio. "They help us out with a lot of things. I feel the same way anybody on the right side of the law feels about the police. They take the time and do these things for kids. It is an amazing thing. We should help them out." The fundraising event will continue Friday.

Thanks to Judy, Linda, Chris, Denise, Janey, and Saghy!


12.15.08 9pm - The following was forwarded by Saghy for Phillipo, who visited Utah and met Vincent --


well, it's done.

we have finally stood in the presence of greatness. he is so warm and wonderful and his hands are really soft.
he didnt have time to look at the gifts or read the cards because there was a long line of people waiting to take photos.
he was standing out side in front of a table filled with pre-signed photo of him. there was a lady who was incharge of the fallen officers association who was accepting donations but we insisted on hading it to vincent personally.

**we asked if it ws okay to email a thank you from him personally to all of our friends at the reel and team 12 he said 'of course, tell everyone hi"
he said "this is reallly sweet, thank you....all of you"**

the food was excellent. jon complained that they didnt make potato salad (he's a creature of habit) but the coleslaw was very good.
we tried the sweet potato fries they were different,,but good.

the line was so long, if you tried to have a conversation with him..people in line gave u the look so we had to move it along, quickly.
he was still taking photos when we were done eating, he gave us a sweet little wave before posing with the next lucky ....

he is as sweet as they say. he is as tall as they say and he is as kind and handsome as his reputation claims

im getting teary...

phillipo and jon

12.12.08 ~ We received an update from "Three Backyards" (with Kate Erbe) producer Rocco Caruso. He told us that they have just finished shooting "Three Backyards" and have begun editing. He anticipates finishing in 9-12 months and expects information regarding release and materials in late 2009.


12.8.08 ~ Zuckerman in for Nathan at ‘Criminal Intent’

By Josef Adalian

Ed Zuckerman is replacing Robert Nathan as one of the executive producers and showrunners of Dick Wolf’s “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

Mr. Nathan’s depature comes less than a year after he was named head writer and showrunner for the Jeff Goldblum-focused episodes of “CI,” while Walon Green was put in charge of episodes with Vincent D’Onofrio. Mr. Nathan and Mr. Green’s promotions followed the departure of former showrunner Warren Leight, who left to take over HBO’s “In Treatment.”

The latest showrunner shuffle is being described as an amicable “pitching change,” according to one person familiar with the move. Mr. Nathan is expected to remain a key member of the Wolf pack, while Mr. Green will continue to oversee Mr. D’Onofrio’s episodes. John Coles continues as the New York-based executive producer/director of all episodes...."

Thanks Peachybc!

12.8.08 ~ NBC Announce Problems Monday

NBC Universal Chief Jeff Zucker told investors that he was considering scaling back the network's programming hours:

A terrible fall season at NBC is forcing the network to consider scaling back the number of hours it airs programming, Chief Executive Jeff Zucker told an investor conference Monday.

While NBC will continue to fund the creation of pilots, Zucker told analysts at a media investor conference sponsored by UBS that NBC is considering cutting the number of hours or perhaps even the number of nights it provides programming.

Thanks Linda!

12.10.08 ~ FYI: We got another tip today that Criminal Intent will not be filming again until after the holidays. From OLV - thanks Saghy!

12.5.08 ~ NBC preps major executive shuffle

NBC has become -- to paraphrase one of the network’s recent flops -- its own worst enemy. The Peacock has been in a perpetual state of crisis for several years now -- blowing up its executive teams and repositioning its programming strategy, all while struggling to pull out of fourth place.

The latest chapter of this NBC saga was a doozy: The conglom ousted both Universal Media Studios topper Katherine Pope and NBC Entertainment exec VP Teri Weinberg on Friday in a pre-weekend Peacock bloodbath. Alternative topper Craig Plestis, who’s been negotiating his exit for weeks, will also be out by the end of the year.

....Move comes as NBC U looks to toss out its traditional network-studio structure, particularly in light of its rough fall performance. NBC Entertainment/UniversalMedia Studios co-chairmen Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff started informing staffers of the changes Friday.

Thanks Linda!

December ~ We hope to have a Christmas game up soon. A Vincent mousepad as pictured here will be the prize --


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cadillac Records tidbit

Vincent's role in Cadillac Records -

[DISC JOCKEY] Very heavyset. Very heavy Mississippi/Southern accent. Strong Southern mannerism. Caucasian, 30s to 40s. This disc jockey in a Mississippi radio station interviews a hung over Muddy Waters on the air...1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene

Filming began March 10 through April 2008 in New Jersey.

Thanks to dBear!!


**TheReel folks will not be *here* from Dec 7-15. Two of us will be away on vacation, and one is in LABOR! Go Chrissy! As always, thanks for visiting!

Phillipo and Coyoteondrake...We hope you have a great time in Utah. Have a safe trip!


12.15.08 ~ Cadillac Records to appear at the Dubai Int'l Film Festival, Dec 11-18 - thanks Saghy!


Friday, December 05, 2008

What about Vincent?

Today’s on-line chat with Washington Post TV critic Lisa de Moraes included this shout-out below for Vincent. Her TV column today was about the popularity of “damaged” leading men on TV that women want to “save”.

Manassas, Va.: About your column 'damaged attractive men on TV' -
what about Vincent D'Onofrio? Perhaps not the same demographic, but still a very charismatic actor portraying a damaged character - Bobby Goren on L&O CI, whose mother was schizophrenic and whose biological father was a murderer. The weight gain and grizzled beard growth (for a recent movie) over the last season or so was not his best look, but he's a good-looking man playing an intelligent compassionate character on the side of right, despite his damage.

Lisa de Moraes: Actually, today's charticle was about men who have been recently added to the TV firmament. We had to set parameters or the list could have taken up the entire Style section and, sadly, the editors would not give me that kind of space...

sent in by Judy - thanks!


Latest SAG Updates

Follow SAG Updates at Deadline Hollywood
by Nikki Finke

12.4 - AMPTP Posts Its June 30th "Final Offer"
....The AMPTP today published its June 30, 2008 Final Offer to SAG here, along with a summary of key terms.

12.4 - SAG Strike Authorization Vote Update
....SAG should announce on Monday its timetable for the strike authorization vote and aftermath. Also that night, SAG will be holding a "Town Hall Meeting" for membership on Monday, December 8th.

12.5 - SAG To Hold Bicoastal Meetings With Bigtime Publicists And Talent Managers: Will Strike Authorization Delay Oscars?....Sources are telling me it's to discuss the upcoming strike authorization vote and and how it would affect actors' participation in movie and TV campaigns, publicity bookings, award shows, etc. (But SAG insiders say there's "no agenda"...) The meetings will take place in LA and NYC. My sources tell me that SAG will be sending out the strike authorization ballot sometime right after Christmas. Expect the timetable to be announced on Monday.


2009 Goren calendar!

Angie Larsen has created a wonderful Goren graphic - a 2009 calendar and would like everyone to see it. Check it out!


So when will CI return?, TV Eye, 12.4.08
By Roger Catlin

From his TV Eye mailbag:
Katie writes about "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" which still hasn't premiered this season.--
"Jeff Goldblum said On the "View" today, that LOCI would be starting back in March! Can you confirm please? thanks"

USA spokeswoman said it hasn't been decided yet saying "we know it will be 2009 more towards March and April than January/February" adding "we should know within the next few weeks."

Thanks Peachybc!


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Vincent at "Liza's At The Palace!"

On Wednesday night, Liza Minnelli returned to Broadway with her sensational show Liza's at the Palace...!

Vincent and Carin attended "Liza's At The Palace!" Broadway Opening Night. More photos of Vincent and wife, Carin at Getty Images.

Thanks Judy for links!

Additonal photos added --
Source: Broadway World


"Hotel Paradise" in German Cinemas

Also, the film won the Audience Award of the "Fair of Art-Films" at Filmkunst Messe (Film Art Fair) in Leipzig, Germany.

...shows three short films selected from 30 films based on Erotic Tales series, in which directors approved the topics eroticism and sexuality deal.

Directed by: Jos Stelling, Nicolas Roeg, Amos Kollek
Cast: Eugene Bervoets, Theresa Russell, Vincent d'Onofrio, Victor Argo, Valerie Geffner

Filmkunst Messe

Thank you Jazzy!


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

LOCI back in March 2009

....Jeff Goldblum said today during his appearance on The View.

Thanks Sam and Sharon!

Video: Goldblum on The View - thanks TheVault


Vincent on Good Things Utah!

Vincent will appear this month with Nicea DeGering, Angie Larsen, Reagan Leadbetter, and Marti Skold, the hosts of ABC4's highly-rated Good Things Utah!.

From - "He and his sister, Toni will be appearing on Friday Dec. 12th."

**Good Things Utah! is a morning talk show format with four female hosts, in which items of interest for denizens of Utah are featured/highlighted.

We just received this reply from regarding audience tickets:

You must do the following to secure seats to our show:
1. list all the members of your group (first and last names)
2. list phone numbers of at least the leader of the group (if you can list all phone numbers that’s even better)
3. list at least 3 dates you would like to come in the order of preference, we will make all efforts to get you in when you want to come.

And sorry, but no babies or children under age 8 are allowed.

You will receive a confirmation back via email. There are no physical tickets to the show, names will be left on a guest list at the front door, therefore names must be on the list in order to gain entrance to the studio.

We also do not give out programming information. We are producing live television and show content is subject to change. Thank you for understanding. You can watch GTU the day before your scheduled date and we mention most of what is scheduled, again remember content is subject to change.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

Email your request to:



Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More LOCI on location

Jaunted on Location, 12.2.08

In The Criminal Justice System, All Filming Takes Place In Manhattan

"If you ever wanted to catch them filming a scene for one of the shows in the "Law and Order" franchise, today is the day, since all three "Law and Orders" are filming in Manhattan..."

"...We heard the "Criminal Intent" scene is going to big, with lots of celebrities, or at least a lot of extras dressed like celebrities. If you happen to run into any of these sets today, let us know! "

Thanks Peachybc!


SAG letter to members

Deadline Hollywood, 12.1.08

SAG Email: "We Have CEOs' Attention"
The Screen Actors Guild tonight sent this email to its members.

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12.3.08 - SAG facing 'Money' allegations - thanks Saghy


Monday, December 01, 2008

Another LO:CI Charity Auction

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent autographed script, titled"Blind Spot" is up for auction to benefit the Actors Fund. Script is signed by Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Eric Bogosian - also signed by the writers Warren Leight & Charlie Rubin and the director Norberto Barba
Bid here

**Proceeds of all charity auctions go to
The Actors Fund's Entertainment Assistance Program.

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Hollywood CEO's letter to SAG

DeadlineHollywood, 11.30.08

The AMPTP alerted me to this "Open Letter to the Entertainment Industry" in the form of an ad addressing the current situation with SAG and set to run in the Los Angeles Times tomorrow... Read the letter.


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Details Of AMPTP-IATSE Tentative Deal

12.1.08 - AMPTP Finally Responds To WGA Claim That Big Media Reneging On New Media Residuals

12.1.08 - SAG's response to Hollywood CEO's

12.1.08 - Fact Checking The AMPTP (12/01/2008) - thanks TheVault!


Kate Erbe nominated

International Press Academy Satellite Award nominations have been announced --

Actress in a Series, Drama

HOLLY HUNTER Saving Grace (TNT / Fox Televsion)
SALLY FIELD Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

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