Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New promo clip from "Playing Dead"

from Movieweb.com: Exclusive promo clip from the Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 8 premiere episode, titled "Playing Dead".



Blogger Susan1212 said...

Woohoo! I am so excited!!!

8:32 PM  
Blogger SnarkAngel said...

Great preview!

1:56 AM  
Blogger DonnaJo said...

A great find!! Now I'm really psyched to see this episode.

Thank you!

8:31 AM  
Blogger Keiko12 said...

Woohoo, beard-free! He reminds me from Season 5

1:59 PM  
Blogger linda said...

Looking good!!!

2:17 PM  
Blogger ebrown2112 said...

Otto Sanchez, another OZ actor!

10:17 PM  

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