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Exclusive ~ Interview with Ron Harris

Take a peek behind the scenes of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" in TheReel's interview with former LO: CI crew member, Ron Harris.  Ron was employed as Vincent D'Onofrio's stand-in on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" during the first 4 years of the series. He has granted us a tour into his work on the show and generously shared many behind-the-scenes stories. Included are excerpts from his forthcoming book, written in collaboration with his wife Jane.   (Title and Release date TBA)

The Harrises are entertainment industry veterans who decided to leave bustling New York City in 2004 in favor of the quiet life in historic Old Louisville where they operate their own candy business, "The Old Louisville Candy Company".   They make 'Happy Balls!' - handmade Kentucky Bourbon Candy - on the third floor of their Victorian home.  In fact, the first 2 cases of Knob Creek Bourbon used in their product was a farewell gift to them from Vincent!!

Ron takes us through a typical day on the set,  shooting on location on the streets of New York, the day Vincent was followed by a stalker, and much more.  Ron's narrative, guided by his sense of humor and clear writing style, offers an abundance of details making this a fun as well as informative read.  Criminal Intent fans, as well as showbiz fans, will thoroughly enjoy this behind-the-scenes look.

Additionally, Ron has provided a few photos and several of his Call Sheets from LO:CI Season 1 & 2 episodes.   

Go to the Interview.

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Kate Erbe on set with Ron, who is kneeling on his mark, waiting for Vincent to take his place.

Something special that Ron wanted to share ---

The new addition to the Harris household: Buddy!! 

We just adopted a sweet little dog that was possibly part of a dog-fighting ring.  He has signs all over of unspeakable maltreatment.  He is deaf in one ear, and was kicked so hard in the hindquarters at some point that his left rear leg was broken outward.  It was never set or cared for, so that leg is weak and permanently bowed.  Around his neck,  there are four different scars from a chain that was wrapped around it.  He cannot bark and I think that's from another large hanging mass of scar tissue that the vet says looks like where another dog tried to tear out his throat.  We've cried and cried over it and are now spoiling him real good.  He constantly looks stunned... almost as if he can't believe that human beings can actually be KIND too.  He looks like a miniature golden retriever, with the saddest eyes I've ever seen.  He's why we haven't gotten around to much else... so, almost literally, " the dog ate my homework!"

 He recently went in for his orthopedic workup. The first x-ray of his hindquarters revealed a horror story... buckshot so deeply imbedded that it has to stay there.  It's 5 pellets of buckshot that are widely scattered and might even be a sign that someone used him to practice target shooting with a bb gun.  He's already on an anti-inflammatory that seems to be helping.  They do know that his left hind leg has the buckshot while the right hind leg was broken at the hip and never set or taken care of.  Poor old boy.  Guesstimates of his age are now 10 years old (70 in dog years.)  He still seems a little in shock that life has suddenly gotten exponentially better.  He's going to be one pampered pooch for the rest of his days.  He can't get enough lovin'.  If you pet him, then stop, he will nuzzle you or paw for more.  He can't get enough, and we're glad to oblige!

Buddy Harris

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